Taylor-made automation

MAP Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH can completely integrate your machines and equipment into an automatic production system. OEE- evaluations and analyses, quality components and TPM- modules– we provide consultation and guarantee a customised solution.

Our machining centres have already been designed for the economical serial production. An important advantage of this compact design lies in the short setup and commissioning time as well as in the easy integration into flexible production lines.

We see ourselves not just as a machine supplier but also as your partner assisting you with the realisation of production systems.

Your benefits:
• Individual consulting and support
• Know-how in the field of flexible machining centres
• Network connection to higher-ranking DNC and PPS systems
• Gradual realisation of automation
• Broad network of system and co-operation partners

Easy start

Example 1: 3-fold pallet pool
Example 2: 7-fold pallet pool

The goal is always the customised design of the machine tailored to the machining task and objective of the user. The modular system allows you to optimise the configuration of production solutions within a very short time.

The automation packages:
• Pallet changer with rigging station (for 3 pallet)
• Pallet changer with rigging station (for 7 pallets)
• Integrated workpiece loader for smaller parts
• Robot loading for workpiece and device
• Linking systems for material flow
• Process and control software
• Cell management software

Flexible pallet automation (FMS)

Example of a realised flexible production system:

Details for the FMS:
• 1 MAP LPZ630
• 96 storage spaces
• 8 levels pallet rack
• 2 loading/unloading stations
• PROCAM control software

Required space approx.: 15 x 12 metres

Individual solutions

Solutions for the handling of workpieces and/or equipment can be realised via individual robot configurations. In addition to a customised design of the conveyor belts, this also includes the option for linking several machines.