Universal, dynamic and powerful

A 5-axis machining centre with the perfect combination of dynamic, flexibility and performance. That’s the standard on which MAP Werkzeugmaschinen has developed the new PRO.X1000.

The result is a highly productive vertical 5-axes machining centre that can efficiently realise almost any production task thanks to the combination of linear motor technology and a powerful tool spindle capable of a 5-side complete machining.

Powered by Carbon

Z-axis bridge

As the first company to manufacture machining centres with linear motor drives MAP uses a Z-axis slide for the new PRO.X Series, which is made almost completely of carbon fibre reinforced plastic. 

The dynamics of the linear axes benefit from the approx. 45% in reduced weight of the Z axis. This results in a significant reduction of the machining times as it allows for higher cutting speeds with the same precisions.

Moreover, the good vibration dampening of the carbon fibre reinforced plastic design guarantees an optimised surface quality as well as a longer service life of the tools.

Advantages of carbon fibre reinforced plastic

Carbon fibre reinforced plastic is used when a high weight-specific strength and stiffness are required, for example, in the aerospace or automobile and machine works industry.

At the same weight, CFRP has 5 times the tensile strength of steel

Thanks to the carbon fibre reinforced plastic the user can enjoy a number of critical advantages that will lead to long-term savings in time and costs:

Reduced machining times thanks to higher cutting speeds
• Significantly lower non-productive times
• Higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality
• Improved operating life due to the good damping behaviour
• Reduced power requirement due to the reduction of the moved masses
• Reduced maintenance costs thanks to an excellent fatigue strength and corrosion resistance

Linear motor drives

Linear motor
Quadrant transfer KGT / linear motor

MAP sets new standards when it comes to speed and precision. The high-performance machining centre PRO.X1000 uses exclusively linear motors.

In addition to an excellent performance, the linear motor drives that are almost free from play not only offer a low noise level but also a higher machine availability thanks to low wear and the freedom from maintenance. 

• 2 G maximum acceleration
• 120 m/min maximum rapid feed speed and feed rates
• 0.005 mm repeat accuracy of the axis positioning
• High contour accuracy as there is no overdriving

Heighest precision

The extremely low thermal expansion of the carbon fibre reinforced plastic assembly group will prevent nearly any thermal growth during the operation and is an important aspect for the high dimensional accuracy of the machine.

Thanks to the intelligent symmetrical design of the slide there will be no deformation of the Z- slide as a result of the different thermal expansion coefficients of add-on parts.

Powerful tool spindle

The highlight of the MPZ series is the powerful tool spindle boasting a drive power of 71 kW (40% ED), a maximum torque of 272 Nm (40% ED) and a rotation speed of 14,000 min-1.
Optionally, the user can use the SK or HSK tool holder. 

• 272 Nm torque (S6-40% ED)
• 71 kW drive power (S6-40% ED)
• HSK-A63 or HSK-A100 tool holder

Flexibility without compromises

The fully integrated 30x tool magazine operates according to the pick-up principle and can be optionally expanded to up to 138 spaces without the need to increase the floor space.

MAP offers three machine table options that allow for the appropriate specification of the workpiece mounting table. 

In addition to the 3 and 4 axes versions, a rotary table with an optional face plate or zero point clamping system will be available.

• 3 tool magazines
• 3 spindle types
• 3 table designs
• 3 table surfaces optionally with T-grooves,
      face plate or zero point clamping system

Technical data

Feed rate
Max. feed ratem/min120
Axis acceleration (X/Y/Z)m/s212 (Z: 20)
Work spindle
Rotation speedmin-114,000
Spindle outputkW71
Tool holderHSK-A100 / HSK-A63
Tool magazine
Capacityspaces30 / 78 / 138
Chip to chips5
Work table 4-axes
Mounting tablemmon request
Max. table loadkgon request
Work table 5-axes
Mounting tablemmø 500 (800 x 800)
Max. table loadkgmax. 500
Footprint (WxDxH)m2.8 x 5.7 x 4.0
ControlSiemens 840D sl