MAP Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH


In 1995, the A&B Maschinen- und Anlagenprojektierung GmbH (MAP) was founded by knowledgeable supporters of the former FRITZ WERNER Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH. The two managing partners have been senior staff members in the areas of design and software/control computer structures. Together with the founders, 30 staff members – primarily from the areas of electrical and mechanical design, spindle production, assembly and service – started their new jobs.

Today’s MAP Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH is not only characterised by know-how and professional competence but has also gained many years of intensive industry experience in the mechanical engineering and chipping industry. The success is based on the work of a well-established team. With highly motivated specialists, the company produces an extraordinary machine concept at its Magdeburg location.

Map is one of the pioneers when it comes to linear motors in machine tools. Already in 1998, the company started with the development of a machining centre that is completely equipped with linear motors. Since that time, the LPZ series has been built in different sizes and has been used very successfully by many well-known German automobile manufacturers.



individuality trumps

Another strength of MAP is the customer-specific and application-specific design of the machines tailored to the machining task and objective. The modular system allows you to optimise the configuration of production solutions within a very short time.  

This also includes the appropriate adaptation of modern automation components in order to increase the productivity. MAP can completely integrate the tool machine into automated production systems.

automatically effective

The 3-fold pallet changer or the 7-fold pallet pool allows for the easy entry into the automated and unmanned production.  

The compact units are adapted to the front of the tool machine ensuring a fast and reliable pallet change.

MAP – A tradition of innovation!